Grad school: A Guide to Applying…

So it has been about a full year since I started my grad school search. This past year has been full of amazing opportunity and adventure surrounding my search. I have a few friends that are starting their search for grad schools and it takes me back. So I thought to help out, I would dedicate this post to the steps I went through in my search. Now I did not do this without help. My mentor guided me through this search, but I did the work all on my own. 

I assume if your looking at grad schools you have committed or thinking about committing to this field. When you get to a certain part of your search you need to fully be ready to put 100% into this search. Finding the right grad school is important and if you half-ass your search then you could end up somewhere you will not be happy. I also suggest you do the work all on your own. While I highly suggest finding someone to help you, you need to make the decisions for yourself. This search again is about finding the best fit for you. So with that in mind here is my guide to the grad school search.

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