Goodbye OK State…

This time last year I would have never thought I would be living in Oklahoma for the summer and getting to experience all I have. I am so grateful for the chance to come out here and challenge myself to take a large step in my career. Not only have I been able to explore a part of the United Stated I never thought I would, but I have also been able to explore more about myself and the field of Student Affairs.

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April Showers Bring May Flowers…

Everyone has heard the saying April showers bring May flowers. Well right now Mother Nature has decided to skip the April showers and bring May showers instead. But none the less, in my short time in SA I have learned another meaning to this saying.

Every April and May means the end of the school year and a time of moving forward. During this time of the year, many SA professionals announce that they will be moving on to another institution and Seniors are getting ready to make that next step. No matter where you go in SA, the last months of the academic year bring many goodbyes and with goodbyes come the tears or April showers. How do we deal with the constant goodbyes in our life?

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