A Lesson on Blending Needs with Development…

In Student Affairs, I feel as if we are always taught to expand and push ourselves to grow as professionals. There are so many different work styles, personalities, and strengths within one department and to be successful we need to adapt our style with others. For me, when it comes to work my personality and style requires and uses more structure. You can see come out when I am given a project or task to work on. As for others I have worked with they just require the basics and can go on with little to more structure or direction.

For my personal development, I wanted to use my work in my  ACUHO-i internship this summer to be more flexible and work with less structure. My task, along with another intern, was to plan a leadership conference for new incoming students. While I finish up my last few weeks, I have found that I can indeed work with less structure. At the same time I learned that it is important to speak up for your needs and for me that meant getting the structure when I needed it.

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Does Alone Time Mean Less Connections…

I think many would agree that Student Affairs is a fairly social field to work in. SA professionals and grads work with multiple departments, attend meetings all over asdfkasfpodsafcampus, answer phone calls or emails, classes, and even attend a number of programs. Not to mention the after hours socials and get-together that will be planned to de-stress from the day. Sometimes these things can all happen in the span of one day, but what happens when you’re more of an antisocial person?

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A Reflection on High Function Depression…

Working in Student Affairs means dealing with students that live from a variety of backgrounds. My main focus the past few weeks, with my first pro-staff position starting soon, as been on students with a background of mental health. I know with future training and counseling classes I will learn how to best help students, but it is more than just being to help the students. I want to understand more about them on a personal level and find deeper insight to help.

As I started thinking about students with mental health, I realized I should also consider my own and other SA professionals. There are many professionals and grads that deal with mental health in their personal lives. I realized that I needed to find a way to better understand not only my own struggles with mental health along and not just the students. In my search for such insight, I came across an article that I found very helpful. 

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Staying Safe…

BfYEUy95_400x400This post is inspired by the Orlando shootings. I stand with Orlando and send my thoughts and prayers to assist in the healing from this tragic event.

As Student Affairs professionals working and many living on college campuses, shootings are always nerve racking. Hearing about the Orlando shootings Sunday morning brought me back to a thought I have had multiple times. Every shooting from UCLA to Orlando, every time I think what if it happens at my campus?

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Grad school: A Guide to Applying…

So it has been about a full year since I started my grad school search. This past year has been full of amazing opportunity and adventure surrounding my search. I have a few friends that are starting their search for grad schools and it takes me back. So I thought to help out, I would dedicate this post to the steps I went through in my search. Now I did not do this without help. My mentor guided me through this search, but I did the work all on my own. 

I assume if your looking at grad schools you have committed or thinking about committing to this field. When you get to a certain part of your search you need to fully be ready to put 100% into this search. Finding the right grad school is important and if you half-ass your search then you could end up somewhere you will not be happy. I also suggest you do the work all on your own. While I highly suggest finding someone to help you, you need to make the decisions for yourself. This search again is about finding the best fit for you. So with that in mind here is my guide to the grad school search.

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I made it…Now what…

imageWell I missed a post last week but that was because I was moving to Oklahoma!! It has been a great two weeks so far. Besides one tornado scare, which I am surprised I did not go into a full blown panic attack, it has been a great move for me.  I feel it was Oklahoma’s way of saying welcome to my state, I can kill you!

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Moving on Out…

For the majority of people within SA, starting a new job or taking the next step means moving. So far I have only had to move to different residential areas on the same college campus (benefits of being a paraprofessional). Now as I move forward with my career, I am moving across the country and back again! I will be spending the Summer at Oklahoma State University as an ACUHO-I Intern and that means moving items from New York to Oklahoma and then back to New York for grad school.

All of this moving has really helped me become an A+ packer and mover. So since many others will be making moves to new places, I thought I would share some tips and hints I found to be helpful!

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