The Importance Of A Good Onboarding…

I am back!! So I haven’t been able to post anything due to RA Training and opening, but this week I have some more free time! Initially this week I was planning to write about my experience with RA Training as a professional, instead I decided to write about something else.

Just a few days ago I had a conversation with my supervisor about onboarding and what it means to be on boarding while onboarding paraprofessionals. Before getting into that I think it is important to discuss how important a good onboarding experience is. Within my short time in Student Affairs, I have had a variety of experiences with onboarding. Some may have not been the best, but I also have had great onboarding experiences.

The importance of onboarding really hit me during the bad experiences. During these times I felt lost, unable to accomplish tasks, and overall work to the best of my ability. image_36571_1398996386-580x283Without a good foundation, employees can spend the majority of their first weeks lost. It can even last longer than a few weeks and valuable time is spent scrambling around to find their way around a new department or institution. This really can become problematic in the SA world. Since many new professionals are onboarding while simultaneously onboarding paraprofessionals or even new graduate students information is important.

As a new professional and new to my institution, I have been on boarding for the past month. On top of my own onboarding, I have been training new and returning paraprofessionals. Luckily, I have had a great experience with my onboarding. On top of that, my paraprofessionals have been very understanding that I am new to campus and may not know everything yet. I truly believe that if I had not gone through a great professional staff training and onboarding, I would not have been prepared to lead my paraprofessionals through their training.   

I am looking forward to future positions and the onboarding I will receive or the onboarding I will provide to others. The more positions I take on and the more experiences I have, I understand what I need out of an onboarding and I can provide to others.

I believe that sometimes professional staff training or onboarding can get overlooked. It is important for the staffs we lead and interact with that this is not that case. For those of you out there that may have not had the best onboarding experience, keep on fighting to get the information you need. All experiences will not be like that one.  

Til Next Time ❤

**Post below about your onboarding! Good or bad!!**


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