My First Week As A Professional…

Week one of my first professional staff training is complete and week two starts tomorrow! It has been such an exciting time for me to finally transition from a paraprofessional to a professional within Student Affairs. I have really started to think about my professional style and how I will tackle my transition.


I am grateful to have had a step between paraprofessional and professional that many of my peers may not have had. My experience as a Senior Resident Assistant really set me up to transition easier and gave me the chance to see a slice of what it is like in the professional world. I was also able to work closely and really learn from great professionals. Looking back I really feel as if I was able to see what it means to be a great professional in Student Affairs and what I hope to achieve. In my first week of training and first conversations with my supervisor, I found myself using my past to help my future.

This first week has also been a bittersweet time. As I move away from my undergrad institution to my current institution, I have found myself trying really hard not to compare the two. It is hard to move from one institution to another; especially when a previous experience has shaped your life so much. I have worked really hard not to use the sentence “well at my old institution…” and instead talk about it to show others where my experience is at. I found that to be very helpful with my supervisor to show her what I know and don’t know about the field.

Overall this first week as been one of the most exciting of my career. I have really been challenged to think about my supervision style, advising style, my professional look, and so much more. As I move into week 2 and after that RA training I can not wait to see what my first year as a professional holds at such a great institution.  

Til next time ❤

**If you are a new professional let me know all about your first week! If you are an experienced professional do you have any advice for new professionals?**


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