Goodbye OK State…

This time last year I would have never thought I would be living in Oklahoma for the summer and getting to experience all I have. I am so grateful for the chance to come out here and challenge myself to take a large step in my career. Not only have I been able to explore a part of the United Stated I never thought I would, but I have also been able to explore more about myself and the field of Student Affairs.

As I finish up my last days I have noticed that I torn between wanting to stay in Oklahoma and wanting to go back to New York. I feel as if I haven’t been able to fully experience the area. 13592810_10153875675201775_4323521583708975637_nThere are so many more places I wanted to visit or see during my stay here. Unfortunately, I know I can’t do everything (as much as I wish I could). On top of that, I have started to say goodbye to some great people that have made my time here so wonderful. These are professionals and friends who I will continue to stay in touch with as I go back home. Through all of the sadness13620834_10153875644811775_6438017315921037753_n of leaving, I have the excitement of my grad program and first position as an almost professional waiting for me back in New York. I am so happy to see my family and friends at home and be somewhere comfortable again (and somewhere that isn’t 100 degrees).


At this stage of my internship, I have come to recognize that within Student Affairs, many times you will be sad and happy to take the next step. While the next step may mean having to leave friends and great professionals behind, you gain the opportunity to experience something new and challenge yourself.

13529182_10153836810356775_949074528642295055_nI am honored to have been this opportunity to have challenged myself and would not have been able to do it without the great Res Life team at Oklahoma State University. I have learned something from everyone I talked to and had the chance to meet. Even if only as a police officer taking you to fake jail.

I would like to give a special shout out to Andrea, Tootie, Delton, Patrick, and all the NSO crew. Thank you for everything.

Go Pokes!!!

Til next time ❤

**Read my other post on saying goodbye and share your thoughts!!**


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