RSVP: Not Attending

Imagine spending months planning an event for your campus then having to up and leave it before anything happens. You have no way of making sure it happens the way you planned or see the effect it has on the students. You are just left to wonder. This summer I have had to do just that.RSVP

As download (1)part of my ACUHO-i internship I was tasked with planning a leadership conference for new incoming students. It is a great opportunity for new students to get a head start with their time at the institution and not a bad way for the department to find potential student staff! This was my first time planning such a big event and while I learned a great ton from it (saving that for another post), I am unable to see the conference in full swing.

download (2)Due to my position at Buffalo, I have to leave Oklahoma 2 weeks before the conference. At first I didn’t think much of it and wasn’t bothered by having to leave early. That changed about halfway through this summer. I realized after talking to multiple different departments, vendors, and spending all the time to create a great experience for the students I wanted to see them enjoy it. It almost feels as if I have spent all this planning for nothing. The only product I get to see out of all this work is checking a social media hashtag and seeing the pictures posted.

No matter what I do or don’t see, I am beyond excited to have accomplished this task. I have taken on an area of Student Affairs that I thought I ever would even try and I feel as if I succeeded. Although next time I definitely be making sure I can stand the event before planning it. I suggest that anyone planning an event make sure to do the same.

Til next time ❤

**Want to read more about my ACUHO-i internship? Check out my other post on  development and meeting needs!**


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