Staying Safe…

BfYEUy95_400x400This post is inspired by the Orlando shootings. I stand with Orlando and send my thoughts and prayers to assist in the healing from this tragic event.

As Student Affairs professionals working and many living on college campuses, shootings are always nerve racking. Hearing about the Orlando shootings Sunday morning brought me back to a thought I have had multiple times. Every shooting from UCLA to Orlando, every time I think what if it happens at my campus?

When it comes to being a Student Affairs professionals, we usually think about how we can help a students in any situation. I have always been told to make sure I am safe and stress my  students to keep themselves safe if anything were to happen. This past Spring, I experienced having an armed person on my campus. Thankful the suspect never turned into an active shooter, but during that time I could not help worrying about my staff and residents. As much as I wanted to stay safe, I needed to make sure everyone else was too. I went against what I knew I should be doing and walked around (only inside) my building to make sure everyone was OK. (Keep in mind I was also in contact with professional staff and made sure I was aware of any changes).

campussafetyOne of the reasons I felt confident enough to do this from my participation in an active shooter drill. In today’s world is this something we need to make as common as a fire drill? Sadly, I would have to say yes it is. As professionals who live and work on a college campus, we need to be prepared. We are the one’s who, by holding a simple 30 minute drill, could potentially save lives.

As America changes, we need to keep up with the social climate. Unfortunately, that could mean more drills, more presentations,  and more programs geared towards safety. As I move forward in my career I wish to look at what we will do to prevent and cope with such events. I think we need to examine training, Residential Curriculum, and protocols to make sure our students have the knowledge to stay safe. 

One day I want to stop worrying about what if it happens here.

Safety 2Til next time ❤

**Post your thoughts on campus safety below**


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