I made it…Now what…

imageWell I missed a post last week but that was because I was moving to Oklahoma!! It has been a great two weeks so far. Besides one tornado scare, which I am surprised I did not go into a full blown panic attack, it has been a great move for me.  I feel it was Oklahoma’s way of saying welcome to my state, I can kill you!


It has been my first time living out of New York and so far I think I am adjusting better than I thought.  As I look to the future and what will happen after grad school, I need to prep for the possibility I could move out of state for longer than 2 months. Student Affairs tends to involve a lot of moving around and for some it can mean moving away from family. So now what does this mean? How can I really have picked up my life and moved away to the land of tornadoes. Well I have done pretty well so far. 

I there have been a  few things that have really helped me adjust to living away from loved ones. I think the first is making my apartment feel like home. I wasn’t able to bring a lot of decorations with me, but I made sure to bring what I needed to remind myself why I am here. I brought along cards and small things that remind me of home. There have been a few days where I just want to pack up quit and go home, but all I have to do is read the kind words of mentors, family, and friends to keep me going. I know that when I move for my first job I will be able to bring more to help it feel like I am right at home. It really helps coming back after a day around people I barely know  to a place that feels safe and like home. image

The second thing that has allowed me to adjust so well is finding people that I can connect with. I am lucky to have landed in a great place that has such nice staff both professional and student. I may not be a complete people person, but I am glad to have found connections with my supervisors and other student workers. The first few days where a bit harder for me then most, but I worked to open up and allow myself to be comfortable. If I do start to feel overwhelmed I make sure to step back, take a quick look at some photos on my phone, and remind myself why I am here.

If not for those two things I doubt I would be able to make it through these next two months. I am excited to start working more next week and get into a rhythm. Soon these 2 months will be over and I need to make the most out of them. No matter how much anxiety I may feel I will keep on pushing. I need to put myself out there to make as many connections as I can and I can only do that if I can feel comfortable enough to be here.

Til next time<3

**Post in the comments where you have moved to for the summer or how you handle living away from loved ones**


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