Moving on Out…

For the majority of people within SA, starting a new job or taking the next step means moving. So far I have only had to move to different residential areas on the same college campus (benefits of being a paraprofessional). Now as I move forward with my career, I am moving across the country and back again! I will be spending the Summer at Oklahoma State University as an ACUHO-I Intern and that means moving items from New York to Oklahoma and then back to New York for grad school.

All of this moving has really helped me become an A+ packer and mover. So since many others will be making moves to new places, I thought I would share some tips and hints I found to be helpful!

1. Keep yourself limited/Downsize.

I realized that I was able to get rid of a lot of items and downsize by limiting the totes I had to pack with. It made me really decide what I needed to keep and what was just pointless junk. I suggest setting out and labeling the totes or boxes you plan on using before you start packing. For this tip to work you have to commit to staying within these boxes. To help staying committed, I would save one extra box that allows for a little overflow if you find you run out of room. That way you can keep a few items and then next time you move get rid of that box or remember what was in it. If you used those items then keep them, If not then those are more junk to get rid of!!

2. Give it away and buy used.

This is a great tip when it comes to things like TVs or storage items! If you do not mind not having a high tech TV or the newest items then I suggest buying them second hand. This way you can buy them when you get to your new digs and then when you ready to move again, give them away to charity or someone in need! This will help in creating more space in whatever vehicle and allow for you to bring more important items. This is also great for the environment and helps out those in need.

3. Utilize all space and pack smart.

So before I started caring about how much space I had to pack, I would just throw items and boxes. This led to a ridiculous amount of boxes and wasted work hiking items up and down stairs. I learned my lesson fast. Now it is all about packing smart and using all the space. Some great ways I found to make the most in a little amount of space is by rolling clothing items, using towels to wrap fragile items, and packing items within each other. Make sure you take the time to pack correctly and smart, otherwise your going to spend extra energy and time.

4. De-clutter as you unpack.

As you start to put things away you realize things you thought you needed you in fact had no idea why you brought it with you. When you packing you may not realize that you have 3 of the same item, especially when it comes to pans in the kitchen, but once you start putting things away you see all the extra you have! If your unable to find a home for a item in your new place then that could mean you don’t really need it. Place all those items to the side and when you r done unpacking see what has not been put away yet and decide if you still need it. Think of it as helping your future self out with packing.

5. Don’t weigh yourself down with clothes.

How often do you actually wear all of those clothes you managed to pack away? I know I still have a lot to give away from my own wardrobe. Right now that is mostly since I am transitioning into more professional clothes, but none the less I need to get rid of more clothes. It was great to get rid of clothes I had not worn in over a year or don’t feel comfortable in anymore. If you look at shirt, pants, or any item that is in your wardrobe and find yourself questioning it then I suggest tossing it. Clothes take up a lot of space when moving and why carry around clothes you don;t even where anymore!?



Til next time ❤

**Do you have any packing or moving tips? Post them in the comments below!!**




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