April Showers Bring May Flowers…

Everyone has heard the saying April showers bring May flowers. Well right now Mother Nature has decided to skip the April showers and bring May showers instead. But none the less, in my short time in SA I have learned another meaning to this saying.

Every April and May means the end of the school year and a time of moving forward. During this time of the year, many SA professionals announce that they will be moving on to another institution and Seniors are getting ready to make that next step. No matter where you go in SA, the last months of the academic year bring many goodbyes and with goodbyes come the tears or April showers. How do we deal with the constant goodbyes in our life?


I have already had to say goodbye to a supervisor and one of my mentors earlier then I had planned too. I am so thankful that in addition to all of the other lesson she taught me, she showed me how to say goodbye properly. I may have been a mess the day on her last day, and still now I am tearing up thinking about it, after a weekend I had come to terms and was ready to keep moving forward . We still stay in contact through social media and an occasion text here or there which helps a lot with the transition. I know as I move on in my adventures that she will always be there to support me. I could pick up the phone at anytime to talk and she would listen. A few weeks have passed since I said goodbye to her and now I have to prepare to say goodbye to even more people.

In a few short days I will have to say my final farewell to people that I have grown so close too. More then half my friends have another year before graduation and my friends who are graduating will be no where near me in Buffalo. But my friends I can handle saying goodbye, I have done it many times before. Yes it will be just has hard but I am OK with moving on and keeping them with me in other ways. My struggle now is with saying goodbye to someone that has been there from my beginning in SA.

My mentor has grown to be more then a role model. He is someone who has kept me grounded  with all the tidal waves of stress that have hit me this past year. There are no words to express how grateful I am for him to give up all the time he has for me and the opportunities he has led me to. Until I met him, I never truly knew who I was or what I wanted. He pushed me, questioned me, and gave me the opportunities I needed to find my voice. I am now leaps and bounds away from the person I was a year ago. He also helped me to find my strength to become the strong leader I have always had within me.


Honestly, part of me is scared that without him I will fail. Without him guiding me, I will succumb to the stress and pressure and be unable to succeed. That is only a small part of me, OK so maybe at some moments it is a bigger part then I would like to admit. The majority of myself knows that he showed me I can do great things and I will be fine as I go out into the world. I am happy to say goodbye as we both move on from Purchase to do bigger and better things. (And here I go starting to tear up again)

Now, after all these April showers it is now time to enjoy the May flowers. The memories and experiences you take keep as you move on or those close to you leave are the flowers. They bloom when you need them most and keep your life vibrant with color. I am looking forward to reconnect with members of the Purchase staff at future conferences, when I visit, or just out and about traveling to different schools. I can not wait for the day that I call up my mentor or supervisor on my own office phone and talk about how this resident just came in asking for the most outrageous request or I have an RA that I am ready to go off on (OK maybe I can wait for those). I can finally share with those who have helped me all the same struggles they have gone through.

This is what my whole rant boils down to. SA is a small world and your bound to meet people that know your mentor, friend, or old colleague that left and even meet them again in the very near future. You are bound to connect in ways you may never thought you would. So I say, bring on those April showers because the May flowers are worth those few tears.

Til next time ❤

**Comment below how you deal with “goodbye season”.**


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