My SA Life Till Now…

Spring 1There are not many blogs or open areas that talk about the behind the scenes life of Student Affairs. So I decided that as I enter Student Affairs with full force in the next few weeks, I should document my experiences. I have relied heavily on learning from professional I currently work closely with and as I start my own journey I want to do the same.

My hope is that this blog will become a place for people to share thoughts on everything from student development theory, the hardships of living on campus, trying to have a social life with 3 papers due the next week, or simple life hacks! I want to join together SA professionals in a fun relaxing place that we can take a break from the hectic week of RA Training to read a funny story about how I had to deal with an overflowing toilet on duty (this has not happened yet..keyword yet).

So you should know a little about me before we begin this life long (OK so maybe not life long) journey together. So I am just getting out of my undergrad at SUNY Purchase.Here is really where my start in SA begins. I became an RA after only being on campus for a semester (I was a transfer student). It was an emergency hire so I had absolutely no training, this did not stop me. I decided that I loved being an RA so much I applied to become an Orientation Leader, Summer RA, and a Senior RA for the following year. Happy to say I received all three positions within weeks of each other. At this time I started to have a feeling that I may want to pursue Student Affairs as a career but hadn’t 100% committed myself yet.

During my time as a Summer RA is when I really became committed to the field. I started on the Residential Curriculum committee and dove in head first into something I was not expecting. The committee was moving full steam ahead and as the newest, and only student, member I had a lot of catching up to do. But, I pulled through and now I am in love with Res Curric and can not wait to see what future work I will be able to do with it. I also started applying to grad schools, working on my personal statement, and develop a life changing relationship with an amazing mentor.Summer 1


Transitioning from Summer into Fall I kept up with my work on Curric and finished applying to my top 5 grad schools. My experience in SA was expanded when I added Appeals Board and Hearing Board to my already tight schedule. Fall turned into Spring and I started to look at ACUHO-I internships, grad school visits, and finishing up my Senior year. My first few weeks of Spring included almost 20 interviews, 2 trips to grad schools, and countless nights worrying and waiting. I was so happy when all my hard work paid off and I landed an internship at Oklahoma State University for the summer and received an Assistant Hall Director position at the University of Buffalo.SRA 1
So that is a basic overview of my SA life until now. There are so many more juicy details and other things but you will have to keep checking in to find those out! Looking back on the past year I do not miss all the fuss and worrying about what my future held at the start of all this.

Now as I end my time at Purchase, I am excited to look forward. But looking forward means leaving people that have made such an impact on my life…..

Til next time ❤

**Comment if there is anything you would like to see me post about or add!!**



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