Moving on Out…

For the majority of people within SA, starting a new job or taking the next step means moving. So far I have only had to move to different residential areas on the same college campus (benefits of being a paraprofessional). Now as I move forward with my career, I am moving across the country and back again! I will be spending the Summer at Oklahoma State University as an ACUHO-I Intern and that means moving items from New York to Oklahoma and then back to New York for grad school.

All of this moving has really helped me become an A+ packer and mover. So since many others will be making moves to new places, I thought I would share some tips and hints I found to be helpful!

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April Showers Bring May Flowers…

Everyone has heard the saying April showers bring May flowers. Well right now Mother Nature has decided to skip the April showers and bring May showers instead. But none the less, in my short time in SA I have learned another meaning to this saying.

Every April and May means the end of the school year and a time of moving forward. During this time of the year, many SA professionals announce that they will be moving on to another institution and Seniors are getting ready to make that next step. No matter where you go in SA, the last months of the academic year bring many goodbyes and with goodbyes come the tears or April showers. How do we deal with the constant goodbyes in our life?

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My SA Life Till Now…

Spring 1There are not many blogs or open areas that talk about the behind the scenes life of Student Affairs. So I decided that as I enter Student Affairs with full force in the next few weeks, I should document my experiences. I have relied heavily on learning from professional I currently work closely with and as I start my own journey I want to do the same.

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