Professional Development As A Grad…

Sorry it has been so long! I have been drowning in graduate work and assistantship, but I finally had a little time to write about something that I absolutely love…professional development.  

As student affairs professionals we are always looking for ways to better ourselves for our students and as a new professional there is plenty of time to do just that….professional development as a new professional in graduate school is another story. Between classes, papers, assistantships, internships, and everyday life how can a busy graduate student fit in good professional development?

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The Importance Of A Good Onboarding…

I am back!! So I haven’t been able to post anything due to RA Training and opening, but this week I have some more free time! Initially this week I was planning to write about my experience with RA Training as a professional, instead I decided to write about something else.

Just a few days ago I had a conversation with my supervisor about onboarding and what it means to be on boarding while onboarding paraprofessionals. Before getting into that I think it is important to discuss how important a good onboarding experience is. Within my short time in Student Affairs, I have had a variety of experiences with onboarding. Some may have not been the best, but I also have had great onboarding experiences.

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A Meme Because It’s Training…

This week has been super busy with professional staff training and getting ready for my RAs to come back. So that means I haven’t had time to really write a post for this week for you. Instead I found a Tumblr post for all to enjoy!

Til next time ❤

**Yes, I play Pokemon Go and will try to rule the gym right next to my apartment all semester….and will be using Pokemon Go for staff bonding…You can not judge.**


My First Week As A Professional…

Week one of my first professional staff training is complete and week two starts tomorrow! It has been such an exciting time for me to finally transition from a paraprofessional to a professional within Student Affairs. I have really started to think about my professional style and how I will tackle my transition.

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The Top 3 Things I learned This Summer…

It has only been about a week since I left my ACUHO-i internship and I have finally been able to sit down and really reflect on the whole experience. It really was a wonderful opportunity for me and going all the way to Oklahoma really allowed for growth both personal and professional. I wanted to share my experiences and hope others can learn from it. Below are the top 3 things I learned at my ACUHO-i internship.  


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Goodbye OK State…

This time last year I would have never thought I would be living in Oklahoma for the summer and getting to experience all I have. I am so grateful for the chance to come out here and challenge myself to take a large step in my career. Not only have I been able to explore a part of the United Stated I never thought I would, but I have also been able to explore more about myself and the field of Student Affairs.

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A Lesson on Blending Needs with Development…

In Student Affairs, I feel as if we are always taught to expand and push ourselves to grow as professionals. There are so many different work styles, personalities, and strengths within one department and to be successful we need to adapt our style with others. For me, when it comes to work my personality and style requires and uses more structure. You can see come out when I am given a project or task to work on. As for others I have worked with they just require the basics and can go on with little to more structure or direction.

For my personal development, I wanted to use my work in my  ACUHO-i internship this summer to be more flexible and work with less structure. My task, along with another intern, was to plan a leadership conference for new incoming students. While I finish up my last few weeks, I have found that I can indeed work with less structure. At the same time I learned that it is important to speak up for your needs and for me that meant getting the structure when I needed it.

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Does Alone Time Mean Less Connections…

I think many would agree that Student Affairs is a fairly social field to work in. SA professionals and grads work with multiple departments, attend meetings all over asdfkasfpodsafcampus, answer phone calls or emails, classes, and even attend a number of programs. Not to mention the after hours socials and get-together that will be planned to de-stress from the day. Sometimes these things can all happen in the span of one day, but what happens when you’re more of an antisocial person?

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A Reflection on High Function Depression…

Working in Student Affairs means dealing with students that live from a variety of backgrounds. My main focus the past few weeks, with my first pro-staff position starting soon, as been on students with a background of mental health. I know with future training and counseling classes I will learn how to best help students, but it is more than just being to help the students. I want to understand more about them on a personal level and find deeper insight to help.

As I started thinking about students with mental health, I realized I should also consider my own and other SA professionals. There are many professionals and grads that deal with mental health in their personal lives. I realized that I needed to find a way to better understand not only my own struggles with mental health along and not just the students. In my search for such insight, I came across an article that I found very helpful. 

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